January 28, 2017


Annual Bay-Net Radio Conference



January 28, 2017


Plug and Play, 440 N. Wolfe Rd., Sunnyvale, CA


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About BayCon / What's this all about?

BAYCON is the annual get together for the Bay-Net Amateur Radio Club in Silicon Valley. This event is an opportunity to meet each other in person and share our knowledge and love of ham radio and related topics. This year we have a fantastic lineup of great speakers talking about many topics from software defined radio, to microwave contesting, Raspberry Pi's, APRS, digital voice repeaters, and even an intro to setting up your own ham radio blog... and more. This event is open to all radio amateurs and anyone interested in these radio topics. Admission is free but space is limited so please order your free tickets on line. You can also pre-purchse pizza lunch on the web site. We hope to see you there !

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Bay-Net Donation

Bay-Net is a 501(C)(3) tax-exempt non-profit organization.

Over the years, the Bay-Net system has grown to include 6 repeaters covering the San Francisco bay area. It is an expensive undertaking. To ensure continued service to the amateur community and organizations such as the American Red Cross, FEMA, and other groups, we have incorporated Bay-Net as a legal nonprofit organization. We are now taking donations through PayPal and credit cards. Just click the donate button. Everything helps. Thank you for your support!

Conference Schedule

Welcome - Club Update, Events and Repeater System Training

We will kick things off with introductions, repeater system update, and activities planned for 2017. If you are new to Bay-Net, this will be a good intro to the people, repeater system and what we do. If you are a Bay-Net regular, this will be a good update and give you the opportunity to provide input on our planned activities for 2017. Everyone should attend.


Paul Ewing is a serious DXer and has participated in many famous operations all over the world. Some of Paul’s DXpeditions include South Sudan, Rotuma Island, Ethiopia, Yemen, Conway Reef,  Myanmar, Eritrea, South Sandwich and South Georgia Islands to name a few. This year Paul shares his remarkable adventures with us in person.
You can follow Paul at his blog site http://n6pse.wordpress.com

J-Pole Antenna Design

Edson Fong if famous for his rollup J-pole antennas. His latest design is a tri-band model covering 2m, 220 and UHF. Ed shares tells us about his unique design in this presentation.
Dr. Fong teaches graduate classes in RF design at UC Santa Cruz and holds a BSEE, MSEE and Ph.D. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE, he has 12 patents and over 40 published papers and books in the area of communications and integrated circuit design. 

Remote Radio Control with Wizkers

Edouard has developed a powerful open source software tool kit called Wizkers. These tools have been used to create nuclear radiation monitoring systems used all over the world. Now Edouard has applied the Wizkers software to make remote ham radio control software. This presentation is an intro to Wizkers and remote radio operation.

Amateur Radio in the Bands Above 1 GHz

Operating in the amateur microwave bands is an often overlooked part of our hobby, but it can be fun, technically challenging and rewarding.  Brian will describe activity in the microwave ham bands, how to get started and operating techniques.

Building Your Own RF Test Equipment

The RTL SDR can be used for more than just receiving signals. With the addition of a wide band noise source and a directional coupler, and free open source cross platform software, this session will show you how to make filter measurements and antenna measurements using your $20 SDR dongle.

Analysis of SLA and LiFePo4 Batteries for Portable Operations

KF7IJZ has spent his entire career as an amateur living in antenna restricted conditions. Nearly all of his HF activity has been portable. Jeremy started operating with Honda generators but quickly grew tired of lugging fuel and the fumes. He began fielding portable solar panels with sealed lead-acid batteries, but the weight and performance characteristics of of AGM batteries were undesirable. He began to explore lithium based batteries and arrived at LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) as the superior portable amateur radio battery technology. Join Jeremy as he compares the performance characteristics of AGM and LiFePO4 batteries for amateur radio purposes.

Wrap up, show-'n-tell and mingle

We will wrap up the day and give everyone a chance to mingle, chat and check out the show-'n-tell items that people brought.

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Plug and Play Tech Center
440 N Wolfe Rd, Sunnyvale, CA 94085





Yes, there will be free parking.





Pizza lunch will be available for pre-purchase. The price is $10 for two pieces plus processing fee. All sales go to fund the Radio Mala proect supporting the people of Nepal.





Icom, a sponsor of BayCon, will be there displaying their latest radios.

Other than Icom, there will be not be an exposition style gathering of commercial vendors normally seen at amateur radio conventions.





Event Location

440 N Wolfe Rd
Sunnyvale, CA 94085


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